Beyond Custom Guitars warranties our custom finishes regarding any NATURAL fading, peeling and cracking. This is non-transferable, so should you sell the guitar in the future, it becomes null and void. We use only high end, quality paint products that have been time-tested and have our confidence from 19 years of reliable use. From the substrate to the polished finishes, we have selected only those products that work well together and are non-reactive and provide long-lasting results. We take great care in the handling of each guitar/body.



We do NOT warranty our paint or finish regarding any improper procedures related to drilling, screwing, mounting components, or any other assembly process. Any chipping, denting, cracking, or other damage to the body/guitar during the assembly process is not the responsibility of Beyond Custom Guitars or the artists. To insure this, we ONLY ship directly to the client, and will not ship to another business, guitar tech, luthier, or service person. This guarantees that you, the client, bear witness to the body/guitar as we shipped it without third-party intervention.



As with any guitar, any tools and parts that come in contact with the finish can damage it. Work on your guitar on a soft surface, like a towel or soft blanket, and take the care of a surgeon. Never use brute strength or force to fit a part or seat the neck. If you feel you are not up to the task of gentle assembly, it is strongly advised that reassembly work be performed by an experienced repair shop or guitar tech. An assembly fee is a lot better than a damaged dream guitar.



All our guitars and bodies are finished (and or) Painted by hand. Even on a digital graphic finished guitar there are often many areas that are traditionally handpainted or airbrushed. (ie edges, contours, bursts ect.) Finishing by hand results in much finer payoff than a production model guitar, but it does also allow subtle human and natural paint and finish inconsistencies to be visible if you examine it hard enough. In our opinion, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks, as the finish is very comparable and possibly exceeds what you get from the factories, but we provide no guarantee of complete perfection.



Since our made to order bodies are highly customized to you, and cannot be easily resold, the obligation of our warranty shall be limited to repairing, repainting or refinishing any part which we agree is damaged or defective. Beyond Custom Guitars may not be held responsible for any original or return shipping costs to us. Though we will pay standard shipping costs from us to you. Under no circumstances will Beyond Custom Guitars be held responsible for Customs, Duties, or other taxes.