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Who We Are

Professional Art Studio Specializing in Electric Guitar Finishing and Refinishing.

Beyond Custom Guitars was born in 2001 from Ian and Shadoe, combining their lifelong passions of playing and creating music, designing and painting art. In an interview, Shadoe said,

“Bringing two super creative people together like that… it just makes sense that an idea so cool and so fun would come out of it. We’re both equally passionate about it for different reasons, which makes it successful. It makes it real art.”

In its fledgling years, Ian and Shadoe experimented with many paint companies and painting styles to find just the right combinations for the general market and commission work as their painting and designing styles grew and matured. Now, Beyond Custom Guitars has roared into its next phase of art studio with some really great, fresh, and unique offerings. About the company, Shadoe said,

“What’s great about Beyond Custom is that we aren’t just a guitar paint shop. We are an art studio first and foremost. We want our clients to think about the art when they play their guitar. We want the art to reflect and enhance the feelings that come from playing guitar. I want the art to match the style of each individual player, and I want each client that buys from us to feel like that art really reflects their playing style, maybe even magnifies it. At the very least, I want our clients to fall in love with their guitar all over again.”

Some great changes are happening at Beyond Custom Guitars in 2023. Ian and Shadoe have brought it to a new level of art and design. The new website has a fabulous shop (coming soon) where unique pieces can be found as they are created. And, new lines of paint and design were released that will take any electric guitar to the next level of amazing.

Years in Business
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Principles Of Our Work


With foundations in education, emulation, experimentation, and sheer drive, Beyond Custom Guitars is a powerhouse of creative energy and ideas.  


Striving for perfection, attention to detail, years of commissioned work, and great respect for each step of the process, you can rely on our ability to deliver skillful work


We are at the forefront of what an art guitar can be, and our new, fresh, and unique lines bring our work to a whole new level of excellence.

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